“Steve is insightful, creative and passionate”

Ian McLernon
CEO/President of Remy Cointreau

"An influential strategic business partner, that delivers results"

Sarah Chan
Chief of Staff with Bayer

“Steve is path breaking. The finest I have worked with”

Avishek Daz
VP with Diageo/USL

“For any business, success in Asia is increasingly important. Steve is the guide to succeeding there.”

Mat Kirkby
Oscar-winning film director/producer

“Steve delivered a speech to hundreds of our senior managers. The outcome was truly motivational and as entertaining as it was educational.”

Frank Borneman
Marketing Director for Lufthansa

“Valuable insights… Steve helps navigate the sometimes slippery slope of ‘East– West’ relations.”

Ambassador Karsten Warnecke
Special German Envoy to the 2020 Japan Olympics

“A highly gifted and articulate presenter”

James Jackson
TV and Media editor for the London Times

“Steve sources from a deep understanding of markets, business trends and dynamics, rooting his ideas and decisions in true consumer/customer insights “

Matthias Schuecking
Airbnb Marketing Director

We kept going back to Steve because under his leadership the result was always spot on.

Joanna Hutchins
Unilever Marketing Director

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